4 Healthy Habits to Ward Off Infertility 4 Healthy Habits to Ward Off Infertility

4 Ways to Help Prevent Infertility

Beth Mark

Even though a pregnancy may still be far into your future, it’s never too early to start preparing. There are small steps you can take now to help enhance fertility once you’re ready.

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It’s not always easy to plan for life events down the road, especially if it’s something as unpredictable and life-changing as pregnancy. But, if you’d like to get pregnant someday, it never hurts to start taking a closer look at your health (and surroundings!) to make sure you’ll be in a good place when the time comes.

As with forming any healthy habits, good nutrition and exercise are two foundational elements in preparing your body for a future pregnancy. Begin incorporating whole, nourishing, fertility-boosting foods into your diet – like soy, buckwheat, avocado, omega-3 fats, and fresh fruits and vegetables. It’s also never too early to learn whether you’re meeting the recommended daily intake amount for vitamin D, iodine, and other important nutrients.

Exercise provides multiple benefits when it comes to maintaining good health and preventing causes for infertility. As you stay fit and build good muscle mass, exercise can provide a way to relieve stress, which can impact fertility. Unmanaged stress produces cortisol in the body, a hormone that can be detrimental for the functioning of your overall endocrine system.

If you’re on a birth control pill to help regulate some problematic hormonal symptoms (heavy periods or bad acne), consider talking to your medical provider to seek alternative methods to address what may be the underlying cause. Artificial hormones can get in the way of your body’s natural hormonal processes, so don’t wait to get off the pill once you’re ready to conceive. The sooner you’re able to address these issues in other (more natural) ways, the better.

Finally, we at Pure Living know that our environment plays a huge role in our health. More and more research is pointing to the increased prevalence of chemicals and toxins in our surroundings, and its negative effects on our reproductive health and normal endocrine functioning. An easy place to start making a healthy change is in your bathroom drawers, hall closets, and medicine cabinets. Be sure your cleaning products and personal beauty products don’t have harmful, hormone disrupting chemicals like butyl alcohol and lithium chloride. Whenever possible, replace these products with more natural, non-toxic options. Read more about this, and gather some ideas of more natural cleaning solutions, here and here.

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