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The Pure Parent Team

[wpv-autop]When we evaluate products our first step is to determine if they are indeed non-toxic. This seemingly straightforward task is anything but easy and straightforward. Many firms engage in greenwashing. It sounds good, green safe but……when you dive in you find that they are using chemicals and products that are not even close to the rigorous Pure Living standards that we demand for the safety of your family.


We believe that the companies should talk the talk and walk the walk. [wpv-autop]


We only carry products that are safe and non-toxic for you and your family. But what good is a laundry soap that’s free of harmful chemicals if it doesn’t get the clothes clean? [wpv-autop]


We do the hard work to insure we only carry clean, safe and checked non-toxic products. [wpv-autop]


Our passionate team of moms and parents-to-be put the non-toxic products we offer through the ringer and provide real-life feedback on what we should stock – or skip, saving you time and money. You can actually ask questions of real users ![wpv-autop]


When you think of parenting you’ll find yourself wondering what happened to TIME. It seems to disappear into a black hole, never to be found again.[wpv-autop]


Pure Living is here to help you regain some time and sanity in our fast moving world. We do your homework and check the products offered for both safety, being really non-toxic and equally importantly, they work.[wpv-autop]


Isn’t nice to know someone has your back ?[/wpv-autop]

Our Pure Parent Evaluation Team

Sarah Bielski Pure Living

Sarah Bielski

I’m Sarah, and I live in the NW suburbs of Chicago. I’ve been married for two years, and our baby is 5-year-old lab mix named Lola.

Betsy Kennet Pure Living

Betsy Kennet

I’m Betsy, and I am a mom-to-be in Denver, CO. I travel a lot for work, so when I’m home I want it to be as healthy and toxin-free as possible.

Maeve Gonzalez Pure Living

Maeve Carey

My name is Maeve and I’m a brand new mom to daughter Isla. I have a MA in Child Dev. and am the Director of a preschool in Chicago.

Marina Olshansky Pure Living

Marina Olshansky

I’m a 45-year-old living in Santa Monica, CA. I own and run two preschools, and try to keep up with my two energetic girls and husband!

Serene Mellenthin Pure Living

Serene Mellenthin

I grew up in Madison, WI on organic, vegetarian and local products, and I’m raising my two girls with the same integrity my mom taught me.

Beth Kessler Pure Living

Beth Kessler

I work for children and families experiencing disability in Oregon. My husband and I are elated to be welcoming our first baby in Dec.

Lindsey Peeters Pure Living

Lindsey Peeters

I’m a married mom of a 1 ½-year-old and have another baby on the way. I began ridding toxic products from my home 5 years ago.

Rebecca Barnhart Pure Living

Rebecca Barnhart

I’m Pure Living’s Executive Editor and resident mom. I use a “less is better” approach to the products I use in my home and on my little one.

Amanda Jorgensen Pure Living

Amanda Jorgansen

I’m Amanda and living toxin-free is important to me. I have sensitive skin that reacts poorly to all kinds of soaps, detergents and scents.

Megan Dehner Pure Living

Megan Dehner

Hi, I’m a mom from Iowa. I choose products that are safe for my family and the environment all while watching the bottom line.

Tiffany Tripathi Pure Living

Tiffany Tripathi

I have an 8-month-old daughter, Alma. The motivation behind finding non-toxic products comes from wanting to go “back-to-basics.”

Carissa Adsit Pure Living

Carissa Adist

I’m Carissa. My husband Justin and I are proud parents to baby Pearl. I’m passionate about natural, toxin-free living and holistic health.

Elizabeth Mark Pure Living

Beth Mark

I’m Beth, mom to 18-month-old William. I have a passion for health both on a personal level and within the broader community.

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