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Poisoning the water knowingly…… is this really acceptable ?

We tend to avoid the issues of severely confrontational journalism as there’s just too much polarization happening daily. This blog is one of those that will either have you making false claims and buying the party line or lining up to do something about what you and your family ingest daily, water.


Fluoride is a unique mineral and has been added to water supplies for decades. The main proponents claim that it reduces the amount of cavities and is essential for strong well-formed teeth in our children. Heck some of us even pay to paint fluoride on our kid’s teeth.

When the dust settled in the 1999’s the Center for Disease Control, Oral Health Division changed their understanding of when fluoride makes a change in babies’ teeth. It’s not from a systemic (whole body source like water) but rather it’s from direct contact with the tooth.

In their own studies here is what they found: “Early studies reported that caries reduction attributable to fluoridation ranged from 50% to 70%, but by the mid-1980s the mean DMFS scores in the permanent dentition of children who lived in communities with fluoridated water were only 18% lower than among those living in communities without fluoridated water. A review of studies on the effectiveness of water fluoridation conducted in the United States during 1979-1989 found that caries reduction was 8%-37% among adolescents (mean: 26.5%)”  Hmmmm, not quite the highly touted percentages, and keep in mind this data is from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. 


Mind you each of us who live in a town that still fluorinates the water is dosing at different levels based on the amount of water you drink and the foods you eat. So, when you consider the dose for your infant or toddler its’s very different from you as an adult. If you’re pregnant the issue is completely another story and should have you avoiding the fluorinated water and products, period as it may be detrimental to your developing fetus.

Do you think the use of tap water in your babies formula should continue, given the doses and the now well established data ? Yes studies have suggested that using the many forms, from water which is the principle source to food products from fluorinated toothpaste to the dental products all add to the load.

64 Studies:

Over the years there have been a bevy of studies. Back in the 1990’s a set of studies sounded the alarm about the impact on IQ and the use of fluoride in both the water and from other sources, typically salt. The studies were from different countries; China, India Iran and Mexico giving an opportunity to compare different genetics, environments and cultures.  The key is that the data although weak, was consistent in the findings with human subjects experiencing lowered IQ’s.

Let’s be clear, we are not talking about rat or mice studies but actual human information that should have sounded alarm bells.  The next evolution of understanding the fluoride implications was published by Harvard researchers in 2012. They did a meta-analysis of 27 studies and concluded that the findings are consistent and reliable, IQ is impacted negatively with the intake of fluorinated water and products.

The Environmental Health Perspectives is a journal sponsored by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. Hint…. your tax dollars sponsored the research.

How Bad is the IQ loss:

Disturbingly of the 27 studies evaluated 26 showed that the children suffered from a lower IQ of 7 points with typical levels of fluoride in the water.

A quick FYI: The EPA says that 1 IQ point loss is significant, but wait….. with a 5 point loss the real impact is we lose 1/2 of the bright students and increase those needing institutional support by 60%….. These small number are amazingly impactful and we, our society can’t afford the effects from this poisoning.


Curiously 97% of the European population do NOT drink fluorinated water. In the US, 12 state make fluoridation mandatory. (Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Ohio and South Dakota) In Oregon it varies by city and water supplier.

Why Now:

What’s new in this world of research that has put new wind in the sails, finally. Four landmark studies, starting with the 2017 Mexican study and then the 2018 repeat study finding the ADHD correlation followed by the 2019 Canadian study  looking at pregnancy association with IQ loses and finally the 2020 study “Fluoride exposure from infant formula and child IQ in a Canadian birth cohort”.

The science is clear and repeatable regardless of the cohort…..the 2020 conclusions:  “ Exposure to increasing levels of fluoride in tap water was associated with diminished non-verbal intellectual abilities; the effect was more pronounced among formula-fed children”.

The findings are more than disturbing with IQ loses and in one of the studies they saw an increased incident of ADHD symptoms. In previous studies you’ll find issues of thyroid dysfunction as well as sleep disorders found with fluoride intake from water. Regardless of you’re being a parent or a health care provider the incidence of childhood disorders is rapidly raising, and this generally avoidable chemical is a contributing factor.

The next few years in court will decide the outcome of this debate and may finally, since 1945, end the use of a toxic neurochemical being added to our water supplies. Don’t count on this being a slam dunk as with all other health considerations money is clouding the science. Fluoride if found to be a toxin will cost the fertilizer companies a ton… in the billions of dollars.

Take Aways:

  • Reevaluate your belief system about legal and safe being in the same sentence.
  • Call and ask your water supplier if your water is being fluorinated
  • Go to the Environmental Working Groups look up and see what’s in your cities water. (note it’s an older database)
  • If your water system is fluorinated, get a R/O filter or distiller (yep expensive) other don’t work
  • Don’t mix fluorinated tap water with your babies’ formula
  • Keep pressure on the city and share the new information in hopes of making changes
  • Use caution in topical treatments as some of the solution can be swallowed, esp. by kids
  • If you’re living in a city with fluorination, avoid the restaurants and go to alternative cities
  • Don’t drink the tap water (if fluorinated) and ask for I know… bottled (yes it’s not the best choice and check that it’s not fluorinated….