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microwave popcorn PFAS

Microwave Popcorn brings home the toxins

Popping prepackaged popcorn brings home the toxins in spades…. YECH !! When we talk about toxins something to consider  is how they get into your body. Unfortunately there are loads of packaged and processed food products that have the same  toxins…

Views 0 / April 5, 2017

air water pollution

Did you know that toxins kill 1 in 4 kids worldwide ?

The World Health Organization recently publish a report detailing the shocking number of deaths from toxins in children. For children under 5 years of age worldwide 1 in 4 will die from polluted air water and toxins from our waste….

Views 0 / March 7, 2017

pregnancy child safe nontoxic

6 Ways to a safe, less toxic healthy environment for your pregnancy

When you consider a pregnancy you’re entering into a new challenging environment where every aspect of your life can be upended.
6 Ways to a safe, less toxic environment for your pregnancy. There are some basic considerations for a safe, low toxicity pregnancy so let’s make some simple changes.

Views 0 / February 24, 2017

Baby Sleeping on a Blue Blanket Pure Living

A Little Bit About Pure Living

Learn about Pure Living, what we do and why it matters…

Views 679 / March 14, 2015

home remodel to reduce toxins

Common Sense Helps Limit Toxin Exposure

Completely eliminating toxin exposure while preparing for a pregnancy is impossible, but there are some common sense strategies to keep in mind.

Views 181 / March 1, 2015

The Caravan Crib by Kalon Studios on Pure Living

Products We Love: The Caravan Crib

FSC Certified domestic Maple and with 100% non-toxic materials + finishes

Views 134 / March 1, 2015

Industrial Pollution and Agriculture

Get Started and Avoid Toxins

If you are just starting to try to minimize and avoid environmental toxins in your life and don’t know where to start, this article will help.

Views 45 / February 1, 2015

Healthy Alternatives

From the time we start preparing a room for a new baby, we are making choices about the child’s environment. Many people get ready for a new child by painting, papering, and carpeting a baby’s room with conventional products.

Views 38 / March 1, 2014