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    City traffic

    Air pollution and Anxiety in our children….another air pollution issue to consider !

    Children a bit anxious and maybe loosing brain matter if your exposed to high levels of traffic pollution…. Typically, we don’t associate a child’s behavior with air pollution however, it might be time to increase our awareness of pollutions impact….

    Views 18 / May 14, 2020

    chocolate lead cadmium

    You thought Organic Chocolate and Cocoa were toxin free….wrong !

    Cocoa and Chocolate is a favorite among us all. It’s cold outside and well hot cocoa or a chocolate products are a winners, across most ages. Let’s cut to the chase chocolate is a big seller and a huge business….

    Views 234 / February 16, 2019


    Coffee..another confirmatory study … its good for us

    There’s been no lack of debate back and forth on the merits or issues with drinking coffee.  Now with both additional published literature and some really large scale studies we have more answers. The Good News, first  2018 saw a…

    Views 115 / December 22, 2018


    Condoms a sticky subject, but cheap birth and STD control

    What could possibly be different in a new condom ? Researchers at Boston University realized that the misuse of condoms by many, was due poor lubrication and came up with a solution.  Good ingenuity on the part of researchers at…

    Views 83 / November 23, 2018

    halloween toxins toys

    Toys, halloween and toxins….bad mix

    The yearly halloween toxins overload Halloween is just around the corner and the yearly issue of toxic materials and safety in the many holiday related products are at the forefront of some parents considerations. Unfortunately there are a number of…

    Views 55 / October 4, 2018

    Childcare child care

    Childcare and the cost keeps going up

    Recently I was at an entrepreneurial get together and the organizer had just returned from maternity leave. She was beaming and obviously very happy with her new family addition however, she then told me she would not be able to…

    Views 98 / April 16, 2018

    SSRIs SSRI Depression

    Taking anti-depressant medication (SSRIs) changes your babies brain

    When your taking SSRIs, a popular class of antidepressants known as selective serotonin uptake inhibitors  and pregnant, the effects are noticeable in your babies brain as well. In  the journal of the American Medical Association, Pediatrics (JAMA) their study saw…

    Views 54 / April 10, 2018

    Kids Toys Toddlers

    Too many toys for tots

    Do you remember when you wined and threw a fuss about some toy or toys you thought you couldn’t live without ? The folks at the University of Toledo did an interesting study posing the question of whether the quality…

    Views 68 / April 1, 2018

    egg eczema allergies risk fish oil

    Products, taken when pregnant, affects your child’s risk of allergies

    Reduce your child’s risk of allergies A government study commissioned by the British Food Standards Agency, had scientists at the Imperial College in London pool data from more than 400 studies involving 1.5 million mothers and their children and had…

    Views 142 / March 21, 2018

    breastfeeding parabens

    Breast Feeding & Parabens are in your breast milk, yech !

    Have you been using commercial conditioners, lotions or shampoo and breast feeding ?  Once again another study published in the Environmental Science and Technology journal checked the urine and breast milk of 56 women. They checked for the contents of…

    Views 192 / March 21, 2018