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    Bioplastic utensils

    Bioplastics, a safe alternative or just more plastic waste?

    Another “natural” substitution goes off the rails. The concept was creating a non-petrochemical, potentially sustainable approach to manufacturing ecological plastic products. Unfortunately, what happening is just the opposite. In a recent publication of the journal Environment International, an article questioned…

    Views 69 / October 28, 2020

    Is your mask really an N-95 or far less and putting you at risk ?

      You would expect that when you go to a health care provider or hospital that they are using the most effective and tested masks. The intent is to safeguard both their staff and you as the patient….. not so…

    Views 31 / September 23, 2020

    masked health care worker

    Masked…. but is it really working for COVID

    I can’t see your face and more, masked from the COVID frontline: Wearing a mask in public is now a mandatory exercise in many states and it’s important to dive into the differences between show and safety. I know these…

    Views 69 / July 16, 2020

    COVID cough

    Indoor Air Quality more important than ever !

    Can’t stop breathing; Air quality and viruses in your home, what to know. With the ongoing COVID-19 sheltering in your home, your exposure to multiple times the amount of airborne toxins is almost guaranteed. Why…because the many products in your…

    Views 23 / June 20, 2020

    Premature infant

    Were you or your children born premature, check your heart !

    Premature Birth impacts hearts, into adulthood Medical science has advanced to the point where we can save premature babies at only 32 weeks of gestation or less. Normally medical science considers 37-40 weeks of gestation to be a “normal” preganacy….

    Views 41 / April 23, 2020