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Air pollution from home products leading to premature deaths, yes there is a connection !

Premature deaths are often avoidable especially if they come from your home environment. We’ve been advocates of clean air for years, as the data accumulates and our environment changes it’s more important than ever. From fires becoming common place to…

Views 4 / August 27, 2021

Johnson & Johnson is recalling five of its aerosol sunscreen products. Above, images of Neutrogena Ultra Sheer aerosol sunscreen, one of the recalled products. (Image credit: Neutrogena/Johnson & Johnson)

Benzene in your sunscreen ?

  The suns both our enemy and friend, just depends on how much and where you’re getting the rays. You may be aware that some Johnson and Johnson sunscreens have been pulled from the market. The short story is they…

Views 2 / July 16, 2021

Older Couple sperm issues

You a guy getting older, sperm and fertility problems

We always think of the women getting older and experiencing a decrease in fertility, but how about guys ? A new study, “Paternal age over 50 years decreases assisted reproductive technology (ART) success: A single UK center retrospective analysis”  looked…

Views 0 / June 22, 2021

Water from faucet

Adding Poison to your water, 1945-2021

Poisoning the water knowingly…… is this really acceptable ? We tend to avoid the issues of severely confrontational journalism as there’s just too much polarization happening daily. This blog is one of those that will either have you making false…

Views 3 / May 14, 2021

Baby eatting baby food

FDA responds to toxic metals in your baby food ?

Finally the FDA takes note…. heavy metals in baby food, oh my ! The FDA on March 5th , 2021 made the announcement that it’s taking the issue of arsenic, lead, and other toxins in foods for babies and toddlers…

Views 12 / March 30, 2021

Alkaline Water 5 gallon bottle

FDA Recall of Alkaline water ….. check your cupboard today !

So you’re thinking this water’s a good beverage, think again. When you consume water regardless if it’s bottled or from your tap most of use assume it’s safe. Well let’s explore this a bit more in detail and take the…

Views 2 / March 22, 2021

Hand Sanitizer

Not so clean or safe sanitizers…. what’s going on ?

Washing your hands with some sanitizers may be the wrong move ! It’s been almost a year and change of non-stop hand washing and applications of questionable products applied to you and your family’s hands. Did you ever think that…

Views 2 / March 6, 2021

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

PCOS new understandings and solutions ?

PCOS Options ? Our focus in this article is PCOS, polycystic ovary syndrome.  This is one of the main causes of infertility and no medical approach has been curative, so far….. however keep reading as potentials may be present. Current…

Views 6 / February 12, 2021

Bioplastic utensils

Bioplastics, a safe alternative or just more plastic waste?

Another “natural” substitution goes off the rails. The concept was creating a non-petrochemical, potentially sustainable approach to manufacturing ecological plastic products. Unfortunately, what happening is just the opposite. In a recent publication of the journal Environment International, an article questioned…

Views 82 / January 28, 2021


Is your mask really an N-95 or far less and putting you at risk ?

  You would expect that when you go to a health care provider or hospital that they are using the most effective and tested masks. The intent is to safeguard both their staff and you as the patient….. not so…

Views 36 / September 23, 2020