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Vitamin D for Fertility

Struggling to get pregnant? A boost in vitamin D may help your chances.

Views 97 / July 13, 2016

Safe Sunscreens That Score, and Some to Skip

Stay safe when it comes to sunscreen: skip aerosols, sun lotions, and sunscreen made “just for kids” for starters.

Views 78 / June 1, 2016


Why Should You Avoid Kombucha When Pregnant?

If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, the benefits of this probiotic-filled drink may not outweigh the risks.

Views 152 / May 3, 2016


Kids’ Snacks to Avoid

Shocking findings in popular kids’ snacks that have yet to be banned by the FDA.

Views 116 / April 4, 2016


Drop that Bleach Bottle

Reach for Yoreganics, an eco-friendly and efficient alternative.

Views 720 / March 26, 2016

bacteria on shoes

Why take your shoes off? Read the (disgusting) reasons!

Removing shoes before entering your home means bacteria & chemicals (and so much more!) can be left at your door.

Views 220 / March 22, 2016

Organic Meat & Milk Serve up 50 Percent more Omega 3s

Organic boasts a higher price tag, but is also higher in healthy fatty acids.

Views 246 / March 2, 2016


High Toxin Levels Found in Playground Paint

In a recent British study, play structures on playgrounds have been traced with lead paint. Could this hold true for playgrounds in the U.S.?

Views 243 / February 2, 2016

healthy eating habits start with your fridge organization pure living

Healthy Eating Starts with your Refrigerator Organization

Almost no one wants to actually go on a diet, but, for various reasons, we do go on them. Here are some helpful tips and trick in making our diets a little easier to follow.

Views 364 / January 26, 2016

ban microbeads bill pure living

Join the Ban on Microbeads

President Obama is putting a stop to microbeads. Learn why you should ban them from your bathroom, too.

Views 341 / January 7, 2016