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Moriah Shay is a current student at Oregon State University. A native Oregonian, she loves the outdoors and writing as often as she can. With awards in both journalism and photo journalism, Moriah enjoys educating and helping others with a written word.

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Three New Year’s Resolutions for the Super Mom

To keep you on track during the next few months ahead, why not change your thinking and your life with these easy resolutions for the super mom.

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Spring Veggies call for Pasta Primavera

Embrace the start of a new, exciting season with this fresh, kid-friendly recipe.

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Healthy Hints for Wholesome Meals

A wholesome meal doesn’t have to mean a whole paycheck. Check out these hints and save time & money.

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Step Away from the Sippy Cups

Children are particularly susceptible to mold allergies. Use these methods to avoid sickness from their sippy.

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How to Bust Toxic Dust in Your Home

Dust absorbs harmful chemicals from your mattresses and other furniture and may be floating all around you. Here is what you can do to avoid the toxic dust.

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What to Expect When You Go Off the Pill

Breaking up with your oral contraceptive? What you need to know before you stop taking the pill.

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Zika Virus: El Salvador Advises Women to Avoid Pregnancy

Widespread health concerns have spiked after thousands of children were born with the dangerous birth defect, microcephaly.

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Are There Toxins in Your Tampons?

Avoid putting toxic products in your body and learn how to have a healthier period.

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How Pregnancy Physically Changes a Woman’s Brain

Pregnancy causes changes to brain structure that may allow mothers to adapt to care for babies, according to new research.

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Best Apps for Busy Moms

Stay healthy and get organized in 2016 with tons of new apps that can make a big difference in your life and your stress level.

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