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Rebecca Barnhart

Rebecca is a new mom who writes, edits & creates content for various web and print publications.

How Lead is Affecting the Children of Flint

See in detail how Flint, Michigan’s children are being affected by the horrific lead crisis.

Views 1168 / February 6, 2016

toxic items at dollar stores pure living

Steer Clear of these 10 Toxic Products at the Dollar Store

Heavy discount retailers like dollar stores are looking to save you money, but at what cost?

Views 302 / January 23, 2016


Coconut Oil: The Ultimate Cure-All

How far can one jar of coconut oil go? It turns out much further than your next Thai curry recipe.

Views 158 / January 15, 2016


Vitamin D Supplementation Reduces Risk of Premature Birth

Study suggests half of premature births could be prevented if pregnant women had adequate doses of vitamin D.

Views 172 / December 10, 2015


Sophia, Jackson Top Baby Names of 2015

Instagram may be influencing the names of our offspring. Check out names gathered from more than 340,000 parents worldwide.

Views 666 / December 2, 2015


Nourishing Newborn Skincare Kit: $25!

Give a gift of safe, effective skincare gentle for baby’s delicate skin. Phthalate, paraben & synthetic fragrance-free.

Views 495 / November 26, 2015

mom and dad both working outside household pure living

Mom & Dad Both Head to Work in Higher Numbers

Mom & dad both work outside the home, why is your boss pretending otherwise?

Views 190 / November 4, 2015


Sunscreen Protects You, but Damages our Oceans

Sunscreen may be protecting you and your kids, but what is it doing to our oceans and marine life?

Views 173 / October 21, 2015

health safety certifications -Pure Living

6 Certifications for Healthier Kids

Do your kid’s toys, clothes and furniture meet these VIP certifications for safety? Find out.

Views 504 / October 8, 2015

Organic Skincare for Moms and Babies

Make pampering a priority. Promote healthier skin and a happier you with Erbaviva Organic Skincare.

Views 762 / October 1, 2015