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Rebecca Barnhart

Rebecca is a new mom who writes, edits & creates content for various web and print publications.

diaper debate-cloth

The Diaper Debate: Cloth Diapers

Choosing cloth? Here’s a run-down of our favorite systems.

Views 689 / July 22, 2015

bump day

Post your Bump to Help Moms Around the World

Show us your bump on Wednesday, July 22nd and learn how to help moms around the globe.

Views 269 / July 21, 2015

Mom using telephone and computer

Saying “No” to Screens Starts with You

When technology rules, you’re in trouble. Try these guidelines and set a better example for your kids.

Views 120 / July 17, 2015

Disposable DIapers

The Diaper Debate: Disposables

Disposable diapers are not created equal. Learn how to steer clear of some dangerous diaper additives.

Views 228 / July 15, 2015

Pregnant woman getting ultrasound from doctor

7 Worries Every Pregnant Woman Has – But Shouldn’t

Jitters during pregnancy is as common as morning sickness. But there’s less to worry about than you think.

Views 428 / July 8, 2015

diaper debate

The Great Diaper Debate

Diapers are the ultimate modern day parenting dilemma. Let us shed some light on the cloth vs. disposable debate.

Views 141 / July 5, 2015

Mother kissing baby's cheek

Seven Toxins in Baby Products

Baby products are marketed to make you think you need them, but many may do more harm than good.

Views 487 / June 30, 2015

Young woman relaxing with candle

Skip Scented Candles, Opt for Soy

Looking for some glittering candlelight at home? Do yourself a favor: skip the scented candles.

Views 461 / June 18, 2015

plastic safety

Why Numbers on Plastic Products Matter

Many modern plastics contain materials that are harmful to your health. Pick your plastics carefully, or use alternatives.

Views 146 / June 17, 2015

Sun safety for kids

Sun Safety for Kids

Sun safety matters this time of year. Check out the latest recommendations for kids.

Views 102 / June 16, 2015