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Avoiding These Toxins During Your Pregnancy


You can't take back time. But you can cutback on substances that might harm your growing baby during your first few weeks of pregnancy.

by / Views 267 / March 7, 2015

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of questions that run through your mind after that pregnancy test turns up positive. Along with the instant rush of excitement, a bit of anxiety sets in and you’ll no doubt ask yourself: how long have I been pregnant? What have I been exposing my new baby to?

Starting very early in the first-trimester, fetuses are exposed to all sorts of daily toxins. And while we’ll never be able to keep our baby safe from everything (get used to it!), there are many potential risks to be wary of and cut out right from the start (or if you’re still trying to conceive, much earlier). These include obvious cutbacks in home tasks such as painting, sanding, staining and using bleach, and a few less obvious ones, like changing up your beauty routine. Understand your baby’s growth and development – and what substances to steer clear of – during the first few weeks of pregnancy.

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