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Breast Milk Storage Guidelines


by / Views 410 / March 24, 2015

On our very first vacation with baby-in-tow, I panicked about how to feed in-flight. Should I nurse, was bottle best my best option, or should I just skip it entirely until we reached our final destination? Nursing is allowed – even encouraged – on most airlines so I decided to give it a try, but I had a bottle in my back pocket just in case. By the time we landed and hopped on the train to Grandma’s house, baby’s next meal was looming, and I wondered whether the bottle I had prepped was still in good shape for feeding.

Guidelines on breast milk storage can be tricky to navigate. Once it’s pumped, refrigeration or freezing for later use is most common; but when you need to depend on taking milk with you, there are a few storage guidelines to follow. Medela’s handy list of the do’s and do not’s of breastmilk storage is a great guide to refer to for safe handling while traveling or at home.

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