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Bottled Up: Breastfeeding in Public

Breastfeeding is a natural function of maternity, but to some it's considered indecent public exposure. As the breastfeeding in public debate continues, what you believe and what you choose for your baby is completely up to you.

by / Views 505 / August 11, 2015

The great debate of breastfeeding in public has been a very hot topic, with both sides hoping to become law in the near future. Here at Pure Living, we couldn’t keep it bottled up, so it’s your choice: should we flaunt it or cover it up?

On one side of the debate, many argue that it is simply a woman’s right to be able to nurse in a public place.

In our busy lives, especially when taking care of an infant, it is much easier to be able to do it whenever, wherever. Although some may believe¬†that breastfeeding in the home and then bottle feeding in public would be a much more suitable alternative, babies’ feeding schedules are varied and crying over spilled milk cannot always be helped. Sometimes it is much more convenient to be able to nurse your hungry little one when the time comes.

In the early weeks and months following birth, it is imperative that mothers get out of the house and enjoy the outdoors to help prevent postpartum depression. It is also important that babies be fed regularly, so running to and from home just to nurse can be straining and downright unnecessary. Many would argue that mothers are too tired and too busy to prepare and plan for these situations, and that a child’s health should come before a person feeling uncomfortable because of an exposed breast.

On the other side, many argue that although breastfeeding may be natural, it is not something that should be done in public.

There are many things we humans do that are natural, but are not done in front of everyone. An exposed chest is not something that parents want their children to see, and to many it seems too much like indecent exposure. Many argue if it cannot be done in a private place, at least a blanket or a nursing shirt should be used out of modesty and respect for others.

More and more establishments are beginning to offer breastfeeding centers for mothers to nurse in private. We see this as a positive solution from those who deem it indecent and unnecessary to nurse in public spaces.

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