Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons



EnviroTestKits™, LLC – (ETK) is another environmentally caring company from the same people who own Environmental Laboratories, Inc. – (ELI). Our team has over 150 years of combined drinking water testing experience. ETK is an industry leader in providing DRINKING WATER TEST KITS to the general public. Our sixty employees have been serving drinking water clients (both private and public) for more than three decades. During this same time frame, our scientists have performed more than 2,000,000 tests in our laboratories. With over 21 million private wells in the USA, we place special emphasis in bringing laboratory certified performance to people who have private water supplies. EnviroTestKits™ are a trusted point of reference for drinking water testing (well water and city water) to Americans coast to coast. Tests are performed by EPA certified methods or Laboratory certified methods, based on the sample volume available. The tests for each kit have been carefully selected by our team, in order to provide you with quality results at a cost effective price. Thank you in advance for purchasing our test kits.

EnviroTestKits™… Our Science. Your Peace of Mind.

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