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Thesis is run by a family of happy vegetarians dedicated to the development of truly organic skin care products. Our goal is helping people with all different skin types achieve healthy-looking, glowing skin.

-Premium certified organic ingredients
-Formulas that actually work
-No synthetics, No fillers, No gimmicks
-Vegan and cruelty-free
-Truly eco-friendly packaging

We’ve been there: trying hundreds of expensive products (natural and not-so-natural) with mixed results. The Thesis Beauty Purists aim to end the tiresome and disappointing search, and advance change by making pure, natural beauty affordable. At Thesis, you can be sure to find truly pure, vegan and eco-friendly products that really work– without breaking the bank. What’s the point in creating the purest, greenest product if few people can afford it? Our mission: to make a difference in the health of our customers and our environment through the accessibility of our products.

Quality of our ingredients is everything when it comes to creating truly pure and effective skin-care. We carefully assess each ingredient and formulate only with the most potent certified organic botanicals (oils, butters, essences, herbs, glycerin etc.), premium natural salts and clays, and other ingredients (such as baking soda or pumice) that come straight from nature. In fact, many of our ingredients are food grade–our ingredient panel sounds like your health food store shopping list! That’s why our products are so nourishing to your skin – they are a true, pure skin food.

Nothing in our products is synthetic or chemically processed. Our carrier oils, butters and botanicals are raw and loaded with antioxidants to hydrate your skin, prevent signs of premature aging, and support overall skin health. Ingredients that have been processed (refined, deodorized, bleached, etc. to achieve longer shelf life and smoother texture) have little or nothing to offer to your skin. Our eco-friendly apothecary glass containers will never interact with essential oils or release toxins into the final product, unlike many plastics. Since sunlight depletes ingredients of their potency, our stylish dark glass bottles block the light so you can enjoy full-strength products.

Our status as a family company means we can focus on our customersand product quality instead of stock prices, shareholder opinions, etc. That’s why we source only the best certified organic ingredients, including the most expensive and rare ones– product quality for your happy, healthy skin are most important to us. As beauty purists, we are proud of the fact that most of our products consist up to 100% of certified organic, plant-based ingredients, many of which have been used in cooking or medicine throughout history, without animal testing! We express our love and respect for animals through our PETA and Leaping Bunny certifications.

We manufacture our products right here, in the USA. All items are produced in small batches to keep things fresh and most potent.

Thank you for being a discerning beauty purist!

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