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Hand Sanitizer

Not so clean or safe sanitizers…. what’s going on ?

Washing your hands with some sanitizers may be the wrong move ! It’s been almost a year and change of non-stop hand washing and applications of questionable products applied to you and your family’s hands. Did you ever think that…

Views 2 / March 6, 2021

masked health care worker

Masked…. but is it really working for COVID

I can’t see your face and more, masked from the COVID frontline: Wearing a mask in public is now a mandatory exercise in many states and it’s important to dive into the differences between show and safety. I know these…

Views 69 / July 16, 2020

potpourri recipe

Clean and Green Home: Orange Blossom Potpourri

New furniture, carpeting, even baby’s toys can trap toxic vapors in your home. Freshen your air with your own blend of herbs and spices.

Views 185 / September 18, 2016


Harmful Household Products Database

While meant to clean and sanitize, many common cleaning products actually can cause harm in our homes.

Views 274 / March 30, 2016


Drop that Bleach Bottle

Reach for Yoreganics, an eco-friendly and efficient alternative.

Views 724 / March 26, 2016

bacteria on shoes

Why take your shoes off? Read the (disgusting) reasons!

Removing shoes before entering your home means bacteria & chemicals (and so much more!) can be left at your door.

Views 226 / March 22, 2016

Air Pollution Shown to Harm Babies in Utero

Indoor air pollution can be just as harmful as what’s lurking outside.

Views 297 / March 16, 2016


How to Bust Toxic Dust in Your Home

Dust absorbs harmful chemicals from your mattresses and other furniture and may be floating all around you. Here is what you can do to avoid the toxic dust.

Views 195 / March 11, 2016


Conscious Cleaning this Spring

Our March series on conscious cleaning will keep you & your family safe this spring.

Views 155 / March 9, 2016


Coconut Oil: The Ultimate Cure-All

How far can one jar of coconut oil go? It turns out much further than your next Thai curry recipe.

Views 158 / January 15, 2016