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Best Baby Travel Gear Just in Time for the Holidays

Looking for a way to make this whole holiday travel gig a little easier? Pack these essential baby items for a happier trip with your tot.

Views 428 / December 8, 2015

non-toxic tethers pure living

Teething Trouble? Try Non-Toxic Teethers

Trying to keep your keys out of baby’s mouth? Try these non-toxic teethers.

Views 191 / November 1, 2015

Pregnant mom avoid toxins pure living

What the Doctor Didn’t Tell You: Toxic Chemicals

What’s the real danger in exposure to everyday toxins? And why isn’t your doc telling you?

Views 211 / October 25, 2015

baby teething pure living

Tried-And-True Teething Remedies

Does teething have you and your baby losing sleep? Try these remedies to soothe sore gums and sleepless nights.

Views 471 / October 19, 2015

iodine in childbearing years- pure living

Combat Iodine Deficiency During Childbearing Years

Supplement your diet with iodine-rich foods like seaweed (sushi, anyone?) and prenatal vitamins.

Views 361 / September 24, 2015

artificial sweeteners

High Levels of Artificial Sweeteners Found in Breast Milk

A shocking new study finds 65% of breastmilk is contaminated with Splenda, and other artificial sweeteners.

Views 266 / September 7, 2015

monkey baby

When does Nature Want us to Wean?

Every mother has their own opinion about when to wean. But what does Mother Nature have to say about baby weaning?

Views 143 / August 24, 2015

mom caring for child

The Costs of Child Care

Parents are now passing up work opportunities, switching jobs, even quitting the work force altogether.

Views 410 / August 15, 2015

Mother Breastfeeding Baby

Bottled Up: Breastfeeding in Public

Should we flaunt it, or cover it up? The great debate of breastfeeding in public continues.

Views 505 / August 11, 2015

Mother and baby

Best Diapers? Eco-Friendly Disposables vs Cloth

Eco-friendly disposables and cloth diapers each have their own pros and cons. Which is best for you and your baby?

Views 151 / July 28, 2015