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Disposable DIapers

The Diaper Debate: Disposables

Disposable diapers are not created equal. Learn how to steer clear of some dangerous diaper additives.

Views 223 / July 15, 2015

Mother kissing baby's cheek

Seven Toxins in Baby Products

Baby products are marketed to make you think you need them, but many may do more harm than good.

Views 482 / June 30, 2015


Hip Technology for Parents

With the rapid growth of technology, parents are able to have an extra helping hand around the house.

Views 116 / June 15, 2015

skin care baby

Sun Safety for Babies

Wondering about sun safety for your baby this summer? The FDA says your best bet is to steer clear of the sun.

Views 199 / June 11, 2015

Doctor listening to a baby heart

Lungs Age Faster for Premature Babies

A new study shows that many young adults born prematurely have lungs of a healthy older person or a casual smoker.

Views 485 / May 19, 2015

blue and pink gift bags

2014’s Most Popular Baby Names

The Social Security Administration reveals 2014’s most popular baby names.

Views 129 / May 11, 2015

Baby in Bed with Mom and Dad

The Co-Sleeping Controversy

Is your bed where baby belongs? Learn about the pros and cons of co-sleeping.

Views 2172 / May 4, 2015

Mother breastfeeding a baby

Breastfeeding Study Suggests Higher IQs & Incomes

A 30-year study following breastfed babies in Brazil links breastfeeding to higher IQs and higher incomes in adulthood.

Views 322 / April 3, 2015

breastmilk storage

Breast Milk Storage Guidelines

Guidelines on breast milk storage can be tricky to navigate. Try these tips for keeping your liquid gold safe.

Views 410 / March 24, 2015

Mother feeding baby

Baby’s First Foods: Fruits and Veggies

Pass the fruits and veggies! Get recipes for baby’s first foods and learn the best time to start baby on solids.

Views 161 / March 7, 2015