Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons



Early influences and exposures last a lifetime.

You can think of early parenting from the moment of conception onward. You’re nourishing the growing baby, protecting your future child from harm such as poisonous toxins, herbicides, pesticides, etc.; keeping your body healthy equates to protecting your baby as well. Today’s world is full of extra stress, pollution, EMFs, cellular signals, and diminished food quality, to name a few challenges. As you prepare your home for the newest member of your family, there are many pitfalls and risks to you and your baby that we will help you avoid.

Consider using our home evaluation services that range from a plan of action to measuring the air quality and more.

6 Ways to a safe, less toxic healthy environment for your pregnancy

When you consider a pregnancy you're entering into a new challenging environment where every aspect of your life can be upended. 6 Ways to a safe, less toxic environment for your pregnancy. There are some basic considerations for a safe, low toxicity pregnancy so let's make some simple changes.

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