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How Lead is Affecting the Children of Flint

See in detail how Flint, Michigan’s children are being affected by the horrific lead crisis.

Views 1168 / February 6, 2016

Oxytocin Improves Mental Health & Helps Bonding with Baby

Oxytocin Improves Mental Health & Helps Bonding with Baby

Could a hormone associated with birth and bonding help women struggling with depression?

Views 205 / February 3, 2016


High Toxin Levels Found in Playground Paint

In a recent British study, play structures on playgrounds have been traced with lead paint. Could this hold true for playgrounds in the U.S.?

Views 246 / February 2, 2016


Zika Virus: El Salvador Advises Women to Avoid Pregnancy

Widespread health concerns have spiked after thousands of children were born with the dangerous birth defect, microcephaly.

Views 465 / January 28, 2016

healthy eating habits start with your fridge organization pure living

Healthy Eating Starts with your Refrigerator Organization

Almost no one wants to actually go on a diet, but, for various reasons, we do go on them. Here are some helpful tips and trick in making our diets a little easier to follow.

Views 379 / January 26, 2016

toxic items at dollar stores pure living

Steer Clear of these 10 Toxic Products at the Dollar Store

Heavy discount retailers like dollar stores are looking to save you money, but at what cost?

Views 302 / January 23, 2016


Coconut Oil: The Ultimate Cure-All

How far can one jar of coconut oil go? It turns out much further than your next Thai curry recipe.

Views 158 / January 15, 2016


How Pregnancy Physically Changes a Woman’s Brain

Pregnancy causes changes to brain structure that may allow mothers to adapt to care for babies, according to new research.

Views 122 / January 5, 2016

best apps for busy moms

Best Apps for Busy Moms

Stay healthy and get organized in 2016 with tons of new apps that can make a big difference in your life and your stress level.

Views 261 / January 4, 2016

Eating Habits Related to Sperm Epigenome

Another reason to start eating better in 2016? New research suggests sperm epigenomes from men of variant weight can affect eating behaviors of their future children.

Views 373 / January 1, 2016