Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons


Pregnancy: Conceiving, staying healthy and comfortable.

The biggest hurdle for some couples is to conceive and maintain a healthy pregnancy. Focusing on optimal pregnancy is vital whether or not it is difficult for you to conceive. PureLiving helps both partners on the journey of preparing for, carrying a pregnancy, and ensuring a heightened level of “peak fertility.”   In the simplest terms, conception can be compared to planting a seed in the garden. The potential for bountiful growth and vibrancy is carried in the seed (fertilized egg), yet the full genetic potential of the new human incubating within the womb will flourish best when planted in an organic and pristine environment. The research shows well over 200 chemicals found in the umbilical cord; we encourage lessening this burden in numerous ways.

6 Ways to a safe, less toxic healthy environment for your pregnancy

Reading Time: 4 minutes When you consider a pregnancy you're entering into a new challenging environment where every aspect of your life can be upended. 6 Ways to a safe, less toxic environment for your pregnancy. There are some basic considerations for a safe, low toxicity pregnancy so let's make some simple changes.

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How One Man Discovered & Confronted Fertility Issues

Reading Time: < 1 minutes Many people mistakenly believe that women harbor most problems associated with infertility. But one brave man spoke out about how his infertility issues affected his wife and his future family.

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