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tampons feminine products contain questionable cotton pure living

Contaminated Cotton in Feminine Products

Eighty-five percent of tampons and sanitary products in Argentina sourced with cotton from the U.S. had contaminates.

Views 160 / November 5, 2015

childhood stress may affect childbearing pure living

Childbearing Affected by Childhood Stress

New research suggests childhood or teenage stress and trauma affects your ability to have children.

Views 204 / October 15, 2015

EWG Skin Deep App

Avoid These Toxins in Your Cosmetics

Download EWG’s app and find out which products pose a threat to your health before you buy.

Views 235 / September 9, 2015


Your Go-to Pregnancy Nutrition Guide

From planning a pregnancy to eating well in each trimester, this nutrition guide has got you covered.

Views 319 / September 5, 2015

raw foods for infertility

Diet and Stress Can Fight Causes of Infertility

See what a change in diet and a reduction in stress might do to improve your chances at conceiving.

Views 180 / September 2, 2015

prenatal vitamins- pure living

The Power of Prenatal Vitamins

Check out this helpful infographic on prenatal supplements and learn how important they can be for baby-to-be.

Views 243 / July 24, 2015

Young woman relaxing with candle

Skip Scented Candles, Opt for Soy

Looking for some glittering candlelight at home? Do yourself a favor: skip the scented candles.

Views 461 / June 18, 2015

plastic safety

Why Numbers on Plastic Products Matter

Many modern plastics contain materials that are harmful to your health. Pick your plastics carefully, or use alternatives.

Views 146 / June 17, 2015

soy diet

Why Eating Soy May Increase Fertility

Research suggests a soy-based diet is associated with higher pregnancy rates.

Views 259 / May 28, 2015


Planning a Pregnancy Costs More Than You Think

Making a baby was supposed to be the cheap (and fun!) part. But what are the actual costs involved with getting knocked up?

Views 127 / May 26, 2015