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egg eczema allergies risk fish oil

Products, taken when pregnant, affects your child’s risk of allergies

Reduce your child’s risk of allergies A government study commissioned by the British Food Standards Agency, had scientists at the Imperial College in London pool data from more than 400 studies involving 1.5 million mothers and their children and had…

Views 145 / March 21, 2018

Don’t skimp on Vitamin D during Pregnancy

The case for vitamin D supplementation continues, particularly during pregnancy.

Views 97 / July 29, 2016

Easy, Beneficial Snacks for Pregnancy and Beyond

Staples of your pantry that you can easily prepare (and eat on-the-go) may help prevent a premature baby.

Views 95 / June 15, 2016

New Changes in Depression Screening Before and After Pregnancy

Evidence shows both mothers and their children benefit when women receive an accurate diagnosis and treatment for depression.

Views 203 / February 20, 2016


Unforeseen Drawbacks from Zika Virus Recommendations

What is it like to be a pregnant woman in Latin America?

Views 216 / February 16, 2016


The One Thing Every Pregnant Woman Should Be Eating On Valentine’s Day

If you need an extra excuse to indulge this Valentine’s Day, look no further.

Views 284 / February 12, 2016

Fear of Large Babies Increases Unnecessary C-Sections

Fear of Large Babies Increases Unnecessary C-Sections

Are poorly predicted birth weights a major contributor to the rise in cesarean section births?

Views 291 / January 19, 2016


New Year’s Resolution: A Natural Birth From the Start

Interventions have been used to replace the natural birth process. Try these ways to prepare for a natural birth.

Views 270 / December 27, 2015


Your Go-to Pregnancy Nutrition Guide

From planning a pregnancy to eating well in each trimester, this nutrition guide has got you covered.

Views 319 / September 5, 2015

prenatal vitamins- pure living

The Power of Prenatal Vitamins

Check out this helpful infographic on prenatal supplements and learn how important they can be for baby-to-be.

Views 243 / July 24, 2015