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City traffic

Air pollution and Anxiety in our children….another air pollution issue to consider !

Children a bit anxious and maybe loosing brain matter if your exposed to high levels of traffic pollution…. Typically, we don’t associate a child’s behavior with air pollution however, it might be time to increase our awareness of pollutions impact….

Views 20 / May 14, 2020

Premature infant

Were you or your children born premature, check your heart !

Premature Birth impacts hearts, into adulthood Medical science has advanced to the point where we can save premature babies at only 32 weeks of gestation or less. Normally medical science considers 37-40 weeks of gestation to be a “normal” preganacy….

Views 41 / April 23, 2020

breastfeeding parabens

Breast Feeding & Parabens are in your breast milk, yech !

Have you been using commercial conditioners, lotions or shampoo and breast feeding ?  Once again another study published in the Environmental Science and Technology journal checked the urine and breast milk of 56 women. They checked for the contents of…

Views 199 / March 21, 2018

New Changes in Depression Screening Before and After Pregnancy

Evidence shows both mothers and their children benefit when women receive an accurate diagnosis and treatment for depression.

Views 203 / February 20, 2016

Fear of Large Babies Increases Unnecessary C-Sections

Fear of Large Babies Increases Unnecessary C-Sections

Are poorly predicted birth weights a major contributor to the rise in cesarean section births?

Views 291 / January 19, 2016


New Year’s Resolution: A Natural Birth From the Start

Interventions have been used to replace the natural birth process. Try these ways to prepare for a natural birth.

Views 270 / December 27, 2015


Nourishing Newborn Skincare Kit: $25!

Give a gift of safe, effective skincare gentle for baby’s delicate skin. Phthalate, paraben & synthetic fragrance-free.

Views 495 / November 26, 2015

cord clamping

Cord Clamping Delay Helps Fight Iron Deficiency

Delayed cord clamping at birth is incredibly important and believed to reduce risks of iron deficiency.

Views 280 / May 29, 2015

preg couple

Childbirth Class: Is it Worth it?

Breathing techniques, birthing balls, all those videos. Are birthing classes behind the times?

Views 362 / May 27, 2015

Mom talk

It’s a Tell All: Giving Birth

The secret’s out: 1,000 American mommas talk straight about giving birth.

Views 541 / May 26, 2015