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How to Create A Safe & Non-Toxic Nursery

Before dreaming up your ideal nursery, consider adding safe and natural products to your “must have” list.

Views 231 / November 12, 2015

Pregnant mom avoid toxins pure living

What the Doctor Didn’t Tell You: Toxic Chemicals

What’s the real danger in exposure to everyday toxins? And why isn’t your doc telling you?

Views 211 / October 25, 2015

childhood stress may affect childbearing pure living

Childbearing Affected by Childhood Stress

New research suggests childhood or teenage stress and trauma affects your ability to have children.

Views 204 / October 15, 2015

make-up tax-pure living

What is Makeup Costing You?

Time. Money. Health. Your daily beauty regimen may be more costly than you think.

Views 153 / September 29, 2015

iodine in childbearing years- pure living

Combat Iodine Deficiency During Childbearing Years

Supplement your diet with iodine-rich foods like seaweed (sushi, anyone?) and prenatal vitamins.

Views 361 / September 24, 2015

pregnant belly-pure living

9 Trends to Trash During Pregnancy

Are there any pregnancy trends worth indulging?

Views 1463 / September 16, 2015

artificial sweeteners

High Levels of Artificial Sweeteners Found in Breast Milk

A shocking new study finds 65% of breastmilk is contaminated with Splenda, and other artificial sweeteners.

Views 266 / September 7, 2015


Your Go-to Pregnancy Nutrition Guide

From planning a pregnancy to eating well in each trimester, this nutrition guide has got you covered.

Views 319 / September 5, 2015

5 Things I Have to Get Over as a Mom

All moms worry about, well, everything. Take a look at the five things we all need to get over.

Views 233 / August 22, 2015

prenatal vitamins- pure living

The Power of Prenatal Vitamins

Check out this helpful infographic on prenatal supplements and learn how important they can be for baby-to-be.

Views 243 / July 24, 2015