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artificial sweeteners

High Levels of Artificial Sweeteners Found in Breast Milk

A shocking new study finds 65% of breastmilk is contaminated with Splenda, and other artificial sweeteners.

Views 240 / September 7, 2015


Your Go-to Pregnancy Nutrition Guide

From planning a pregnancy to eating well in each trimester, this nutrition guide has got you covered.

Views 303 / September 5, 2015

5 Things I Have to Get Over as a Mom

All moms worry about, well, everything. Take a look at the five things we all need to get over.

Views 211 / August 22, 2015

prenatal vitamins- pure living

The Power of Prenatal Vitamins

Check out this helpful infographic on prenatal supplements and learn how important they can be for baby-to-be.

Views 203 / July 24, 2015

Pregnant woman getting ultrasound from doctor

7 Worries Every Pregnant Woman Has – But Shouldn’t

Jitters during pregnancy is as common as morning sickness. But there’s less to worry about than you think.

Views 382 / July 8, 2015

cord clamping

Cord Clamping Delay Helps Fight Iron Deficiency

Delayed cord clamping at birth is incredibly important and believed to reduce risks of iron deficiency.

Views 232 / May 29, 2015

Women in sunshine

Low Vitamin D Found in Many Mediterranean Women

Mediterranean women do more basking in the sun than you, so why are they missing out on Vitamin D?

Views 636 / May 28, 2015

preg couple

Childbirth Class: Is it Worth it?

Breathing techniques, birthing balls, all those videos. Are birthing classes behind the times?

Views 341 / May 27, 2015

Mom talk

It’s a Tell All: Giving Birth

The secret’s out: 1,000 American mommas talk straight about giving birth.

Views 502 / May 26, 2015


Acupuncture During Birth for Pain

A recent study suggests you should reconsider acupuncture as a solution for childbirth pain.

Views 162 / May 22, 2015