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Pregnant woman getting ultrasound from doctor

7 Worries Every Pregnant Woman Has – But Shouldn’t

Jitters during pregnancy is as common as morning sickness. But there’s less to worry about than you think.

Views 428 / July 8, 2015

cord clamping

Cord Clamping Delay Helps Fight Iron Deficiency

Delayed cord clamping at birth is incredibly important and believed to reduce risks of iron deficiency.

Views 280 / May 29, 2015

Women in sunshine

Low Vitamin D Found in Many Mediterranean Women

Mediterranean women do more basking in the sun than you, so why are they missing out on Vitamin D?

Views 713 / May 28, 2015

preg couple

Childbirth Class: Is it Worth it?

Breathing techniques, birthing balls, all those videos. Are birthing classes behind the times?

Views 362 / May 27, 2015

Mom talk

It’s a Tell All: Giving Birth

The secret’s out: 1,000 American mommas talk straight about giving birth.

Views 541 / May 26, 2015


Acupuncture During Birth for Pain

A recent study suggests you should reconsider acupuncture as a solution for childbirth pain.

Views 200 / May 22, 2015

Pregnant woman's belly

Your Pregnancy To Do List

Check these easy items off your list during each trimester of your pregnancy.

Views 452 / May 21, 2015

blue and pink gift bags

2014’s Most Popular Baby Names

The Social Security Administration reveals 2014’s most popular baby names.

Views 131 / May 11, 2015


2nd Trimester Nutrition with Grow Baby

Parenting is, in practice, an educational marathon. If you crave more traditional learning check out Grow Baby’s learning tool.

Views 212 / April 1, 2015

Open Hands in meditation

Benefits of Hypnotherapy

HypnoBirthing is linked to fewer episiotomies and lower rates of Caesarean sections. See how it can be beneficial to you and your baby.

Views 1391 / March 31, 2015