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Baby eatting baby food

FDA responds to toxic metals in your baby food ?

Finally the FDA takes note…. heavy metals in baby food, oh my ! The FDA on March 5th , 2021 made the announcement that it’s taking the issue of arsenic, lead, and other toxins in foods for babies and toddlers…

Views 12 / March 30, 2021

Alkaline Water 5 gallon bottle

FDA Recall of Alkaline water ….. check your cupboard today !

So you’re thinking this water’s a good beverage, think again. When you consume water regardless if it’s bottled or from your tap most of use assume it’s safe. Well let’s explore this a bit more in detail and take the…

Views 2 / March 22, 2021

The Caravan Crib by Kalon Studios on Pure Living

Products We Love: The Caravan Crib

FSC Certified domestic Maple and with 100% non-toxic materials + finishes

Views 163 / March 1, 2015

Boy playing on plastic toy dump truck

Register for Health & Safety Recalls

Sign-up for the latest product recalls and learn which products should be pulled from your playroom.

Views 56 / February 27, 2015

Healthy Alternatives

From the time we start preparing a room for a new baby, we are making choices about the child’s environment. Many people get ready for a new child by painting, papering, and carpeting a baby’s room with conventional products.

Views 51 / March 1, 2014