Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons


Don’t skimp on Vitamin D during Pregnancy

Reading Time: 2 minutes The case for vitamin D supplementation continues, particularly during pregnancy.

Easy, Beneficial Snacks for Pregnancy and Beyond

Reading Time: 2 minutes Staples of your pantry that you can easily prepare (and eat on-the-go) may help prevent a premature baby.

Why Scientists Want You to Stay Away from Stain-resistant, Waterproof, and Nonstick

Reading Time: 2 minutes A group of scientists warn against using everyday kitchen items because most contain a harmful group of commonly-used chemicals.

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The One Thing Every Pregnant Woman Should Be Eating On Valentine’s Day

Reading Time: 3 minutes If you need an extra excuse to indulge this Valentine's Day, look no further.

Fear of Large Babies Increases Unnecessary C-Sections

Reading Time: 2 minutes Are poorly predicted birth weights a major contributor to the rise in cesarean section births?

Effects of Smoking, other Environmental Exposures Remain in Kids for Years

Reading Time: 2 minutes A new study suggests that toxin exposure during pregnancy may have a longer-reaching health impact than previously known.

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The Grocery Store is Full of Healthy Food. Why Aren’t We Shopping There?

Reading Time: 2 minutes We increasingly buy our food at big box stores, places notoriously known for a lack of healthy food options.

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