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Fear of Large Babies Increases Unnecessary C-Sections

Fear of Large Babies Increases Unnecessary C-Sections

Are poorly predicted birth weights a major contributor to the rise in cesarean section births?

Views 291 / January 19, 2016


Effects of Smoking, other Environmental Exposures Remain in Kids for Years

A new study suggests that toxin exposure during pregnancy may have a longer-reaching health impact than previously known.

Views 448 / December 11, 2015


The Grocery Store is Full of Healthy Food. Why Aren’t We Shopping There?

We increasingly buy our food at big box stores, places notoriously known for a lack of healthy food options.

Views 259 / November 24, 2015


Sunscreen Protects You, but Damages our Oceans

Sunscreen may be protecting you and your kids, but what is it doing to our oceans and marine life?

Views 173 / October 21, 2015

dangers fabric softener pure living

Toxic Ingredients in Your Fabric Softener?

Toss that toxic stuff. Try these safer alternatives.

Views 151 / October 21, 2015

Row Of Plastic Soft Drink Cups With Straws

Safety in Numbers: Which Plastics are Safest?

In a plastic panic? Check out this handy chart detailing which plastics pass the test.

Views 752 / August 3, 2015

soy diet

Why Eating Soy May Increase Fertility

Research suggests a soy-based diet is associated with higher pregnancy rates.

Views 259 / May 28, 2015


Acupuncture During Birth for Pain

A recent study suggests you should reconsider acupuncture as a solution for childbirth pain.

Views 200 / May 22, 2015

yogurt with strawberries

Mom’s DNA Influences Baby’s Probiotics

Natural Baby Probiotics: Mom’s genes may impact the establishment of a newborn’s belly bacteria.

Views 190 / April 21, 2015


Quick & Easy Home Air Quality Test

Good health starts with good breathing. Test your home’s air with this quick and easy test.

Views 500 / April 10, 2015