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Condoms a sticky subject, but cheap birth and STD control

What could possibly be different in a new condom ? Researchers at Boston University realized that the misuse of condoms by many, was due poor lubrication and came up with a solution.  Good ingenuity on the part of researchers at…

Views 49 / November 23, 2018


Too Much Tech: How To Manage Screen Time this Summer

A break from school and schedules doesn’t have to mean more mindless time behind a screen.

Views 86 / May 28, 2016

best apps for busy moms

Best Apps for Busy Moms

Stay healthy and get organized in 2016 with tons of new apps that can make a big difference in your life and your stress level.

Views 255 / January 4, 2016

Mom using telephone and computer

Saying “No” to Screens Starts with You

When technology rules, you’re in trouble. Try these guidelines and set a better example for your kids.

Views 115 / July 17, 2015

Close Up Of Baby Sleeping

Turn Your Smartphone into a Video Baby Monitor

Scrambling to find a baby monitor? Look no further than your smartphone with this baby monitor app.

Views 221 / April 22, 2015

Key features and images showcased on a white iPhone for the period tracking app "Clue".

The 2 Best Apps For Tracking Your Period

Tired of never knowing when you’re about to start? Find out the two best apps for tracking your period when Mother Nature’s monthly gift arrives.

Views 2405 / April 8, 2015

Woman using computer

Pregnant Women Google More Often

There are very few women left out there dusting off their mother’s “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” and using it as the lone reference guide during their pregnancy journey.

Views 707 / March 30, 2015


Monitor Baby (and you, too!) with These Home Devices

The Sproutling Baby Monitor For most mothers, no reassurance will totally obviate the ” baby breathing check” we tend to do at least 25 times during our little one’s morning nap. We’ve all been there! New video monitors help us…

Views 115 / March 23, 2015

Couple using Bellybuds

Bellybuds for Baby Bumps

Bellybuds are perfect for transmitting music and your voice right to baby’s ears.

Views 496 / March 22, 2015

Sprout Pregnancy App from Pure Living

Mommy’s Must-Have Pregnancy Apps

Don’t know what to expect when you’re expecting? Pure Living has 5 top-rated iPhone apps for that.

Views 225 / March 2, 2015