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2016’s Dirty Dozen

The 12 vegetables and fruits that should top your list when opting for organic.

Views 110 / April 29, 2016


Why Scientists Want You to Stay Away from Stain-resistant, Waterproof, and Nonstick

A group of scientists warn against using everyday kitchen items because most contain a harmful group of commonly-used chemicals.

Views 100 / April 15, 2016


Step Away from the Sippy Cups

Children are particularly susceptible to mold allergies. Use these methods to avoid sickness from their sippy.

Views 188 / April 12, 2016


Kids’ Snacks to Avoid

Shocking findings in popular kids’ snacks that have yet to be banned by the FDA.

Views 117 / April 4, 2016


Harmful Household Products Database

While meant to clean and sanitize, many common cleaning products actually can cause harm in our homes.

Views 274 / March 30, 2016

Air Pollution Shown to Harm Babies in Utero

Indoor air pollution can be just as harmful as what’s lurking outside.

Views 297 / March 16, 2016


How to Bust Toxic Dust in Your Home

Dust absorbs harmful chemicals from your mattresses and other furniture and may be floating all around you. Here is what you can do to avoid the toxic dust.

Views 195 / March 11, 2016

How Lead is Affecting the Children of Flint

See in detail how Flint, Michigan’s children are being affected by the horrific lead crisis.

Views 1168 / February 6, 2016


High Toxin Levels Found in Playground Paint

In a recent British study, play structures on playgrounds have been traced with lead paint. Could this hold true for playgrounds in the U.S.?

Views 246 / February 2, 2016

tampons risk to women's health pure living

Are There Toxins in Your Tampons?

Avoid putting toxic products in your body and learn how to have a healthier period.

Views 238 / January 27, 2016