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non-toxic tethers pure living

Teething Trouble? Try Non-Toxic Teethers

Trying to keep your keys out of baby’s mouth? Try these non-toxic teethers.

Views 191 / November 1, 2015

Pregnant mom avoid toxins pure living

What the Doctor Didn’t Tell You: Toxic Chemicals

What’s the real danger in exposure to everyday toxins? And why isn’t your doc telling you?

Views 211 / October 25, 2015

toxins in children's products pure living

6,500 Products for Kids Found to Contain Dangerous Chemicals

See how states are getting companies to halt the use of dangerous chemicals in production.

Views 177 / October 24, 2015


Sunscreen Protects You, but Damages our Oceans

Sunscreen may be protecting you and your kids, but what is it doing to our oceans and marine life?

Views 173 / October 21, 2015

dangers fabric softener pure living

Toxic Ingredients in Your Fabric Softener?

Toss that toxic stuff. Try these safer alternatives.

Views 151 / October 21, 2015

make-up tax-pure living

What is Makeup Costing You?

Time. Money. Health. Your daily beauty regimen may be more costly than you think.

Views 153 / September 29, 2015

iodine in childbearing years- pure living

Combat Iodine Deficiency During Childbearing Years

Supplement your diet with iodine-rich foods like seaweed (sushi, anyone?) and prenatal vitamins.

Views 361 / September 24, 2015

safe cosmetics

10 Steps to Safer Cosmetics

Be healthy and chic! Learn how to choose safer cosmetics and body care products before you buy.

Views 144 / September 16, 2015

toxins in body care

Are These 20 Toxins in Your Body Care Products?

We can’t eliminate every item from our daily routines, but we can get smarter about what we purchase.

Views 198 / August 31, 2015

Row Of Plastic Soft Drink Cups With Straws

Safety in Numbers: Which Plastics are Safest?

In a plastic panic? Check out this handy chart detailing which plastics pass the test.

Views 752 / August 3, 2015