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plastic safety

Why Numbers on Plastic Products Matter

Many modern plastics contain materials that are harmful to your health. Pick your plastics carefully, or use alternatives.

Views 146 / June 17, 2015

Girls on carpet

Common Chemicals in Coats, Carpets, Cookware

Did you put on mascara today or cook breakfast in a nonstick pan? Chances are you have been exposed to PFASs.

Views 124 / May 7, 2015


Quick & Easy Home Air Quality Test

Good health starts with good breathing. Test your home’s air with this quick and easy test.

Views 500 / April 10, 2015

kids jumping on couch

The Scramble to Substitute Dangerous Chemicals

When major product companies are forced to replace a product or an ingredient deemed dangerous by the FDA, they often scramble and settle for a substitute that can be equally dangerous.

Views 561 / April 2, 2015


Risks of Chemicals in Wood Flooring

The carpet lining the floors during our parents’ heyday wasn’t just out of style, it was also often dirty, ugly and constructed with chemicals that made it potentially toxic. Our generation knew better, right? We opted for more natural, earthy flooring under our…

Views 149 / March 12, 2015

Paint Can And Color Wheels

Paint Problems 101

During pregnancy or post-baby, one thing’s for sure: painting presents a problem. If you’re planning to paint choosing a brand and style low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs), or totally free of them, is your best bet for improving your indoor…

Views 85 / March 10, 2015

Baby room - paint

5 Low VOC Paints

Find five brands of low VOC paints you can use in baby’s room – or any room in your home.

Views 100 / March 10, 2015

notepad for lists

How to Avoid Toxins from Planning to Parenthood

Try these simple tips for avoiding toxic chemicals before, during, and after your pregnancy.

Views 338 / March 9, 2015

Woman painting the wall with a roller

How To Reduce Paint VOCs in Your Home

Find out what you can do to combat harmful VOCs coming from the paint in your home.

Views 768 / March 4, 2015

Combat the Kitchen Sponge

When you find yourself in a cleaning frenzy you likely disinfect those hands-on items like the television remotes, sink handles and door knobs, but how often do you think about disinfecting your kitchen sponge?  Truth be told, the kitchen sponge…

Views 108 / March 3, 2015