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Woman painting the wall with a roller

How To Reduce Paint VOCs in Your Home

Find out what you can do to combat harmful VOCs coming from the paint in your home.

Views 768 / March 4, 2015

Combat the Kitchen Sponge

When you find yourself in a cleaning frenzy you likely disinfect those hands-on items like the television remotes, sink handles and door knobs, but how often do you think about disinfecting your kitchen sponge? ¬†Truth be told, the kitchen sponge…

Views 108 / March 3, 2015

home remodel to reduce toxins

Common Sense Helps Limit Toxin Exposure

Completely eliminating toxin exposure while preparing for a pregnancy is impossible, but there are some common sense strategies to keep in mind.

Views 211 / March 1, 2015

Woman drinking water

Potential Dangers of BPA and Tricosan Exposure

Studies show the risks that BPA present to the population as a whole, but why are BPA studies so slim for pregnant women and their unborn babies?

Views 74 / February 26, 2015

Industrial Pollution and Agriculture

Get Started and Avoid Toxins

If you are just starting to try to minimize and avoid environmental toxins in your life and don’t know where to start, this article will help.

Views 63 / February 1, 2015

Healthy Alternatives

From the time we start preparing a room for a new baby, we are making choices about the child’s environment. Many people get ready for a new child by painting, papering, and carpeting a baby’s room with conventional products.

Views 51 / March 1, 2014