Coconut oil is an unrefined, non-hydrogenated plant oil derived from fresh coconut kernels. When you buy it organically it is produced without the use of harmful chemicals and able to retain a maximum amount of active medicinal compounds, including lauric acid, caprylic acid and capric acid.

We love it because one jar goes a long way. It is the ultimate multitasking item. In the bathroom, use it for everything including taming frizz, removing make-up and providing much needed moisture all year long. And please, don’t spend your money on fancy lotions and creams for baby’s bum. Just heat and cool organic coconut oil (until you get the right consistency) and apply it as a natural diaper rash reliever.

When applied to infected areas of the skin, coconut oil forms a chemical layer to protect against external particles, fungi, bacteria and viruses. It also speeds up the healing process of damaged tissues, so try it the next time you get a bruise.

In the kitchen you can use it to season your cast iron skillets, grease your baking pans, shine your silver (if you’ve got any), or spread some on your knives to make cutting or slicing slicker.

Oh yeah, you can eat it, too. Put a few teaspoons of organic virgin coconut oil in your daily fruit smoothie to add a boost of omegas and a touch of the tropics! Add it to your coffee, swap it out when a recipe calls for butter, canola oil or olive oil, and even slip a little into your popcorn bowl. The ideas and recipes are endless.

Need a few coconut oil ideas to get you started? Try these 13 from Bon Appetit, or these from The Huffington Post. We at PL tried this one. It was simply delicious.