Combat Contaminants in Your Everyday Products Combat Contaminants in Your Everyday Products

Combat Contaminants in Your Everyday Products


Many independent medical organizations have been warning consumers about chemicals found in products such as makeup, shampoo, and plastics. Some have been found to have devastating effects on your body.

by / Views 240 / December 18, 2015

Ever wonder how everyday products can affect your health?

The New York Times is shedding light on the United State’s lack of regulation regarding potential cancer-causing contaminants in products we use every day. Unregulated substances, medical organizations say, are sometimes linked to infertility, diabetes, and many types of cancers.

The International Federation of Gynecology has specifically been looking into endocrine disruptors – chemicals that imitate sex hormones in the body often found in makeup, shampoo, plastics and pesticides. In a landmark statement last month, the gynecology federation said, “Widespread exposure to toxic environmental chemicals threatens healthy human reproduction.”

Contaminants can have a devastating effect on the body over time, and, more disturbingly, can make an impression on your future children. Virtually every pregnant woman in America has at least 43 contaminants in her body, so it’s no wonder the National Cancer Institute has found a surprising number of babies being born ‘pre-polluted’ and at a greater risk of suffering from birth defects, and even cancer in the future.

With over 80,000 chemicals on the market today, only a small portion has been rigorously screened for safety. In the U.S., chemicals are considered safe unless proven otherwise.

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