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Best Diapers? Eco-Friendly Disposables vs Cloth


Are you an eco-friendly disposable diaper user? Or have you been convinced to convert to cloth? We covered the basics, so you can cover baby's bum with the best diaper available.

by / Views 139 / July 28, 2015

Though our diaper series is wrapping up, the great diaper debate will never end. Many moms (like me) go undecided until the little one starts eating solids. That’s when you get a feel for what’s really going on under the hood. Whatever method you have mustered for your baby’s madness is just fine – that goes for diapers, feedings, sleeping…everything. Being a parent is not about being perfect; it’s about following baby’s cues and doing the best you can.

I recently read the most amazing quote that, I admit, put my must-be-the-best-mom madness in check, and brought a tear to my un-mascaraed eye.

“Not to get all Mr. Rogers on you, but I think you’re ok the way you are. I think you are probably doing your best. And when you rock that little baby to sleep in the hush of the night, when you stroke her cheek in the moonlight, when you inhale her perfect milky breath –well, you’ll probably think that doing your best is actually as good as it gets.”

“Hippie-crite” by Catherine Newman

This is the mantra we would like to embody here at Pure Living. You ask questions, seek answers, and don’t blindly take the advice of your pediatricians, in-laws, best friends – or us. You do your best. That means while much of the time you eat organic, some nights are just reserved for take-out.

We hope this diaper series has given you the confidence you need to meet changing-table challenges. And we hope to continue to arm you with the best, safest, most organic solutions that will benefit not only your baby, but also the world they’re inheriting.

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