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Do You Have Safe Drinking Water?


by / Views 2351 / April 23, 2015

When your water smells like rotten eggs, leaves spots on your glasses, or tastes like salt you can bet there’s a problem with your H20. But it’s also the things we can’t see – bacteria, viruses, and chemicals – that can be the most hazardous to your health. Although you can be fairly confident that your water is safe, backed by the Safe Drinking Water Act for municipal water systems, it’s always a good idea to be sure that nothing dangerous lies in your drinking glass.

How do I tell if my water is safe?

  • Call your local water supplier for their “Consumer Confidence Report”, and ask them to show you the results of their processed water.
  • Ask your local supplier to do a water test on your own faucets to make sure that contaminants are not getting into the water between the treatment plant and your faucets.
  • Test it yourself! Home test with our partner Kar Labs Water Testing.
  • If you’re testing at home turn on the tap in the morning. This water would have the highest amount of contaminants since it has been sitting in pipes overnight.

    A simple rule-of-thumb is to trust your senses. If it smells, tastes or looks funny call your local water supplier and get your water tested today.

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