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Eco-Friendly High Chairs


by / Views 1242 / March 3, 2015

You’ve made sure your baby’s bottles contain no harmful chemicals and your paint isn’t full of formaldehyde. Next on this list: high chairs. There are thousands of high chairs to choose from on the market today, but only eco-friendly chairs are guaranteed to contain all-natural materials, making them non-toxic for you and your baby.

All sorts of plastics and chemicals go into the conventional high chair…

When thinking about a soon-to-be common surface for sitting and eating, it’s important to be thinking of what sorts of potentially unsafe chemicals may be laced just under the surface.

There are many common chemicals found in the conventional high chair such as:

These chemicals, as well as countless others, have been linked to neural, reproductive, and developmental health problems in babies. However, if you like the convenience and functionality of plastic high chairs, Safety 1st Nature Next is a great eco-friendly option.

Buying an Eco-Friendly High Chair

Since wood is a natural, renewable resource that is also biodegradable, it is an excellent material choice for a high chair. When purchasing a wooden high chair, check for:

  • FSC-Certified Wood: The Forest Stewardship Council is the only internationally recognized third-party forest management organization recognized by major environmental nonprofits. Look for their stamp of approval on packaging, for this is your key to purchasing sustainable wood materials.
  • Unpainted and Untreated: Since many paints and finishes contain hazardous chemicals and give off harmful fumes, choose high chairs that aren’t painted or treated in any way. You can, however, use natural finishes such as beeswax, tung oil, and linseed oil.
  • Solid Wood: Many high chairs, and furniture in general, are made from pressed woods glued together with toxic glue that gives off the chemical formaldehyde, unsafe for your indoor air.

Today, there are many options for choosing safe, eco-friendly, and innovative high chairs. Here are a few on the market today:

  • HandySitt by Minui
  • Svan Chair by Scandinavian Child

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  1. TRIPP TRAPP by STOKKE is not made of solid wood.
    Footrest,backrest and seat are plywood veneer.

    • Hi Salena,

      We contacted Stokke and were told that the Tripp Trapp is make from solid beech and does not contain any glued veneer. The beech is sourced in Norway using sustainable practices.

      Thanks for reading our articles….



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