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Trans fat

Trans fat


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Trans fat: Found in a variety of packaged and fried foods, trans fat will often appear on a label as “partially hydrogenated oil” (vegetable, soybean, cottonseed, etc.). Partially hydrogenated oils are much cheaper than butter and other semi-solid fats (e.g., palm oil) and they greatly extend a food’s shelf life. Trans fats raise the risk of heart disease by raising LDL (“bad cholesterol”) and lowering HDL (“good cholesterol”). Human milk contains trans fat if the breastfeeding mother consumes it; the more she eats, the higher the concentration of trans fat in her milk and in her baby’s blood. Trans fat is implicated in cancers of the breast and prostate, diabetes, infertility, Alzheimer’s, obesity (even with similar caloric intake), depression, and other maladies. Partially hydrogenated oils have been banned in several countries (such as Denmark and Switzerland), states (California), and cities (Calgary, New York City, and others).

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