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You’ve no doubt heard “Breast is Best,” the ever-true (and ever-present) motto to feeding your new babe. But bypassing bottle feeding all together isn’t always an option. If you’re planning on going back to work or going for an evening out, you’ll need a steady supply of milk that your caregiver can rely on. Building your supply may not always be easy, but odds are it will be necessary down the line.

Think about purchasing a reliable breast pump during your third trimester, as you may need it if baby doesn’t take to the breast right away. Electric pumps are easy to use and usually come in handy (albeit dull) carrying cases, and most insurances cover the purchase of your pump at full cost.  As with many baby products, pumps are full of plastic components so you’ll have to do your homework before your purchase. Thankfully Ecolife offers this handy guide to purchasing a pump that’s non-toxic and BPA-free.