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High Toxin Levels Found in Playground Paint

Jenna Kluempke

Playgrounds are key learning environments for our children, but old, damaged play structures have been known to contain toxins like lead.

by / Views 240 / February 2, 2016

We all love watching children play and use their imagination on the playground. It makes us think back to a time when we had nothing to worry about besides what mom or dad packed for lunch. Now that you’re a parent, you have a ton to worry about – but don’t let those worries follow you to the playground.

Steer clear of worry on the play yard by sticking to the parks and schools that house modern play structures. Older, neglected playgrounds have been seen as a threat to children’s overall health and safety. A recent study in England shows there have been high traces of lead found in the paint of play structures; other harmful toxins like chromium, antimony and cadmium have also been discovered.

United Kingdom guidelines recommend that new paint should contain less than 2,500 parts per million of lead, but the paint found in the study contained up to 152,000 parts per million. The total tolerable intake limit of lead for children under the age of six is 6 micrograms, resulting in very little wiggle room if any paint chips are consumed.

Be on Alert: If you notice any playground equipment with chipped or chalking paint, alert your city’s parks office and watch your child with extra care.


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