Maintaining good indoor air quality is a must for a growing family. Because those little lungs need the freshest air we can provide, it’s extremely important to understand what is in your air and how you can offset the stuff that can be downright dangerous.

We recommend you test your air with a high-quality air testing kit (coming soon to Pure Living) and follow guidelines to remove the source of toxins – this could be a simple solution, like moving cleaning products to a safe storage area, or, something more extreme like having hazardous lead paint professionally removed. Also be sure to regularly ventilate family and children’s rooms and consider using an air purifier.

Growing an indoor garden will also help to offset hazardous fumes and provide your family with cleaner air. Use this handy graphic (influenced by studies done on space by your friend’s over at NASA) to get to know a few of the toxins that could be lingering in your home and what indoor plants can be used to knock off their toxic effects.

Note: Although NASA’s research here dates back over 25 years, their findings are still regarded as the most comprehensive and accurate results to date.