Increase Fertility by Improving Your Man's Health Increase Fertility by Improving Your Man's Health
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Increase Fertility by Improving Your Man’s Health


It's usually women who seek fertility treatments, but research shows that fertility challenges may rest with their partner up to 50 percent of the time. Try these simple lifestyle changes to ensure a healthy man, healthy sperm, and a healthier pregnancy.

by / Views 362 / November 15, 2015

Yes, mom will be carrying a baby for nine months, but dad has an important role as well. His sperm not only determines whether you will get pregnant, but it also plays a role in determining whether you will have a healthy pregnancy. And, although many women will seek fertility treatments for their lack of pregnancy, it has been proven that 30-50 percent of fertility challenges are actually related to the male partner.

30-50 percent of fertility challenges are actually related to the male

So ladies, talk to your partners. Keep his swimmers in tip-top shape with these tips:

Diet and Exercise
A healthy body means healthy sperm, and a healthy pregnancy for you. Being underweight or overweight can have negative effects on sperm, and can effect a couple’s sex life (weight problems can effect a man’s libido and performance). Stick to a healthy diet that contains a balance of organic fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and dairy. And up the exercise to reach or maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Go All-Natural
According to a study conducted by Harvard University, men who eat fruits and vegetables with high levels of pesticides had a lower sperm count than those who ate produce with fewer pesticides. By opting for safer, organic products men can decrease the amount of poisons and pesticides they put into their bodies.

Start by choosing green cleaning products including laundry detergent and all-purpose cleaners. Check out our shop for a few healthier options.

And stick to natural toiletries such as chemical-free deodorant. Chemicals in common deodorants have been linked to hormone disruption in the body.

Cut Back on Tobacco and Alcohol Intake
Smoking has been notoriously linked to low sperm counts and slow moving sperm, making it harder to conceive. Get your guy to quit as soon as possible, and try to be completely smoke-free at least three months before you try to conceive. Since sperm production happens every three months, he’ll be sure to have healthy sperm by that three-month mark.

Alcohol has also been shown to cause sperm abnormalities and decreases sperm production. So it’s a good idea to limit drinks to two standard drinks per day.

When it comes to pregnancy, both parents have important roles. Although many women seek treatments for fertility when trying to conceive, men can have fertility problems too. With a proper diet and exercise plan, opting for natural foods and products, and cutting back on harmful substances, he can increase his sperm count and produce healthy sperm to make a healthy baby.

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