Monitor Baby (and you, too!) with These Home DevicesPure Living Monitor Baby (and you, too!) with These Home Devices

Monitor Baby (and you, too!) with These Home Devices


by / Views 118 / March 23, 2015

The Sproutling Baby Monitor

For most mothers, no reassurance will totally obviate the ” baby breathing check” we tend to do at least 25 times during our little one’s morning nap. We’ve all been there! New video monitors help us see baby, sure, but no amount of technology will replace the inherent urge to check on the rising and falling chest in the crib.

But the better you are at tracking and tabbing baby’s health – and yours – the happier you both will be. So strap on the FitBit for you and lay baby down easy with The Sproutling, a new device that goes way beyond an ordinary baby monitor. Its soft cuff contains sensors that monitor heart rate, skin temperature, motion, and position, all of which can help with fears of SIDS and help you determine when baby is sleeping or about to wake up.

While you’re at it, put all these home health devices on your radar for healthy living.

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