What's VIP on your Registry? A Baby Safe Mattress & Organic Bedding What's VIP on your Registry? A Baby Safe Mattress & Organic Bedding

What’s VIP on your Registry? A Baby Safe Mattress & Organic Bedding

Your baby spends well over half their early life on their mattress, so don't skimp on high quality.

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We hope your baby sleeps soundly through the night, snoozing the hours away until morning. That 8-hour stretch is more than magical – you’ll get there, trust us!

Since baby will be spending hours on end on their mattress and bedding (and possibly the chemicals that might be off-gassing from it), we suggest opting for an organic mattress, pad, and sheet for a safer sleep and greater peace of mind. This is actually much more important than what crib you will get!

What You Need to Know

All too often manufacturers have been found to manipulate the term “organic” when labeling products, especially when it comes to cloth goods like textiles, clothes, bedding and mattresses.

Some mattress companies use VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) in their mattresses. In yesteryear these were considered safe, but now we know better. Avoid any mattress that contain flame retardants (read more on these below), waterproofing, and extra cushioning.

Naturepedic mattresses give baby great comfort with little excess. They are made with organic cotton throughout. With this firm, easy-to-clean non-toxic waterproof surface you both can sleep soundly knowing you are doing all you can to eliminate potentially harmful chemicals and allergens.

Simple is best when it comes to your child…and every little change can make a big difference.

Here are three things to look for in a safe mattress:

  • Make sure it is breathable
  • Lightweight and easy to lift (good for you and for baby)
  • Free of toxic chemicals and additives like flame retardants, waterproofing chemicals, etc.

As you begin to collect items to help welcome your child into the world and into your home, consider these ways to make your entire nursery a safer haven for your little one:

Organic Cotton: To ensure that the use of toxic ingredients have not been used to make the fabrics you’ll wrap your little one in, opt for organic cottons for clothing, blankets, and any additional soft items (bibs, burp cloths, towels, etc). In general, it’s also good to wash clothing before first use to ensure they are safe and ready for baby. Organic cotton is grown without the use of pesticides and fertilizers, so it’s an eco-friendly choice as well. 

Check out our Greenbuds Baby Organic cotton sheetsmattresses and more at our shop.

What Goes Organic Should Stay Organic
Fibers may be grown organically, thus labeled “Organic,” but after they are picked, they can be processed with toxic chemicals and still manage to carry the organic label.

Babies Don’t Mind Wrinkles
Avoid ‘Wrinkle-free’ or ‘permanent press’ items because manufacturers treat these fabrics with toxic chemicals like formaldehyde resin.

Free of Flame Retardants
When a purchasing a healthy mattress, avoid flame-retardants. Check labels carefully. Be certain that your baby’s mattress meets the flammability requirements of California (their 2015 ruling is the first in the U.S. to mandate that products containing polyurethane foam must be identified). And be sure there are no added flame-retardants. An abundance of evidence has shown that these chemicals migrate out of furniture and get into children, adults and pets. For more analysis, check out this EWG-Duke University study that showed young children have five times higher levels of flame retardants in their bodies than their mothers.

Mattress Full SizedThere are wonderful organic options out there for a safer sleep. One of our favorite brands, Greenbuds Baby, works relentlessly to strip away harmful ingredients and offer a safer sleep for babies and children.

Greenbuds Baby was founded by a mom who was looking for a new mattress for her baby. Unsatisfied with so-called “organic” mattress options, she set out in a relentless pursuit to find the perfect formula for a same and healthy mattress.

She identified four natural ingredients that would underpin the Greenbuds product lineup: coconut coir, natural latex, pesticide free and naturally flame-retardant organic wool and cotton. There would be no second-rate goods, misleading synthetics or chemical-based fire retardants. And all of their mattresses have a water repellent removable and washable cover, eliminating the need for synthetic water barriers.

Find Greenbuds Baby mattresses that are safer for snoozing, waterproof covers for life’s little mishaps, and all-organic cotton sheets, pillows and comforters for kids of all ages at our shop and opt for a safer good night.

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