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Paint Problems 101

by / Views 85 / March 10, 2015

During pregnancy or post-baby, one thing’s for sure: painting presents a problem.

If you’re planning to paint choosing a brand and style low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs), or totally free of them, is your best bet for improving your indoor air quality. And there are plenty high-quality, low or zero-VOC paints available from just about every brand and in just about any color you can invent.

If you’re not planning to paint you might think you got off easy – but not so fast. Because traditional paints can emit VOCs for several years, it’s best to be sure the existing paint is safe; if it isn’t, you need to know your options. Today’s Homeowner, a handy website for home improvement, reports that when you’re trying to upgrade an existing home to low or zero VOC paint, you have three choices:

1. Paint Over it

If you didn’t paint it, or your previous paint job is more than 5 years old, it might be best to dust off the brushes.

2. Remove it

The only way to stop off-gassing completely is to eliminate the source.

3. Seal it

If you can’t remove it, sealing is an effective way to block VOCs from old paints.

Depending on the age of your home, the last time you painted, and the quality of paint used, any of these choices will ensure higher air quality in your home. Read on and learn which option is best for you and your walls.

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