There are very few women left out there dusting off their mother’s “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” and using it as the lone reference guide during their pregnancy journey. No, most pregnant women do what everyone does when they have a question: they google it.

So if you found yourself searching “How can I reduce my stretch marks?” or “Why is my baby brain making me so crazy?,” you’re not alone. According to an online-based survey taken in over 24 countries, 97 percent of women used Google to access information about their health and well-being during their pregnancy. And 94 percent of these women searched the internet after a doctor’s appointment, presumably to fill in questions their OB may have left them with after the visit. Information is not only power, but also provides assurance and preserves confidence in times of worry – or, in our case, the entire length of pregnancy. So healthcare professionals (and web-based informers like this one) are using this valuable study to better inform and interpret pregnancy-related information for pregnant women on the web all over the world. Learn more about the study and what it may mean for your next Google search.