Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons

Air Quality Products

Think about the air you breathe. We rarely consider air quality until it’s smelly or it contains a problem you can see.

We know that all air, regardless of your location, is composed of suspended materials (dust/dirt/particles), gases, bacteria and viruses. See our blogs about a number of the effects caused by air pollution, especially on our children.

It’s clear there’s more to consider from a health perspective especially when we need fresh clean air to thrive. Your young family members are exposed, at a much higher level, to the pollutants as their closer to the floor and breath more air.

At Pure Living our air quality products span from air cleaners and replacement filters to easy testing methods.  From a real (there’s lots to this story) high quality HEPA filter vacuums to treatments of your floor coverings.

Our selection is continually increasing in scope as we offer more options to making your home environment safer. Need assistance in making changes ? Contact us via email at: info@pureliving.com


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