Bambo Nature Diapers – Size 1 – Newborn Subscription

MSRP : $75.00
Save : 10%

Bambo Nature Diapers are Pure Approved

Bambo Nature Diapers are incredibly soft, highly absorbent and completely breathable – and they are one of the most non-toxic disposable diapers available that are manufactured with a minimal impact on our environment.

$67.50 per case, 168 diapers = only $.40 per diaper

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Ultra Premium

Bambo Nature Diapers are incredibly soft, highly absorbent and completely breathable and are specially designed to avoid irritating the skin and causing rash. You’ll say goodbye to blow-outs, because these diapers effectively absorb heavy wetters and the biggest messes.

Ecologically Sound

The diapers are approximately 80% biodegradable and 99% compostable; All wood pulp is derived from sustainable tree farms, the manufacturer has released a Life Cycle Assessment proving a reduced amount of emissions and almost no waste. To help minimize impacts on the environment and our health the manufacturer of Bambo Nature has elected to undergo rigorous environmental inspections of their products.

Toxin Free

Bambo Nature Diapers are certified free of ALL known allergens or substances classified as locally irritating, sensitizing, carcinogenic, or mutagenic. Bambo Nature is a Trusted Partner of Healthy Child, Healthy World, has earned the Nordic Swan Eco-Label, and has been called the “best diaper” by and

Ecologically Sound

Bambo Nature is committed to protecting the environment for the long-term – how else will our babies be able to live in harmony with nature?

We don’t view environmental work as an expense; instead we consider it a prerequisite for the creation of a better company.

To help minimize impacts on the environment and our health, Abena, the manufacturer of Bambo Nature Diapers, has voluntarily elected to undergo strict, rigorous environmental limitations. This means all raw material suppliers, business partners, distributors, and subsidiaries must embrace our environmental principals and actively take them on board in daily business practice.

  • The wood used for pulp is derived from sustainable forestry; where more trees are planted than felled.

  • There is absolutely zero chlorine used in the bleaching process.

  • No chemicals or compounds from SVHC (REACH Article 33(2)) are used – Substances of Very High Concern.

  • No known substances that are harmful to health or the environment (Phthalates Organotins (MBT, DBT, TBT) Heavy metals Chlorine (CI) Formaldehyde (HCHO) Colophonium AZO-pigments PVC.

  • Abena has gone as far as to prevent use of any chemical or compound that is known as locally irritating or sensitizing.


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