FooBot Air Quality Monitor


Indoor Air Is Up To 8 Times More Polluted Than Outside Air

It’s hard for you to care about what you can’t see. Foobot is a connected device that helps you take control of your indoor air, for the benefit of your family’s health and well-being.

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Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality In Your Hands

Foobot uses high-tech sensors to scan and analyze every possible source of indoor air pollution, such as particulate matter and gas pollutants, including:
-volatile organic compounds (VOC’s)
-carbon dioxide (CO2)
-carbon monoxide (CO)

Plus, it monitors the temperature and humidity.

All you need to understand is that Blue is Good, and Orange is Bad. That’s all.

Perfect for the nursery!

Know what the condition of your home air is at any time. Get alerts on your smartphone when when air quality is suspect. Both iPhone and Android apps are available for free download.

Main features

  • Notifications: warnings based on World Health Organization thresholds
  • Light Output: Instant feedback on your indoor air quality (with colored LEDs for air quality levels)
  • Knock Knock: Tap the device twice to get the latest data
  • Multi-room: Monitor your entire living spaces (based on a one-story dwelling)
  • Actionable advice: Much more than simple monitoring
  • Plug & Relief: Hassle-free setup & one-step connection

Product Specifications

Height: 6.7″
Diameter: 3″
Weight: 1lb
Cable Length: 52″

Detected Pollutants

tVOC: Volatile Organic Compounds
PM2.5: Particulate Matter
CO2: Carbon Dioxide
(conversion from tVOC)
CO: Carbon Monoxide
(Cross sensibility of tVOC sensor)
Temperature, Humidity

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