Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons

Indoor Air Quality, (IAQ) The Home Survey Predict, an extensive look at what’s in your air (1 site)

Indoor Air Quality, (IAQ) The Home Survey Predict, an extensive look at what’s in your air (1 site)


  • IAQ Home Survey™, is a state-of-the-art test, checking for chemicals in the air that could potentially make you and your family sick.
  • It provides you with an assessment of your home air quality.
  • Low-cost test designed to measure the chemicals in the air and find hidden mold.
  • Reports the total amount of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) found in the home and whether they are within a recommended safe range.
  • Predicts the source of the VOCs and determines if the home is the source or if the VOCs are merely from the contents of the home.
  • Sensitive monitoring for the chemicals released by actively growing mold, whether it is behind walls or underneath carpeting or flooring.


Includes shipping/pump rental and all necessary supplies for a comprehensive overview that’s accurate and easy to use.

Air Quality Test For VOCs, and Active Mold Growth, with Contamination Index. Includes Analysis, Rental Pump, Sample Collection Tube, Ground Shipping (To & From). IAQ Home Survey™ is one of the most advanced, trusted air testing products on the market today for identifying chemical sources and active mold growth in a home.

Our IAQ Home Survey™ is an accurate, simple to use and cost-effective tool for use in determining airborne chemicals (VOCs) and active growing mold (MVOCs) in home air. With a single sample, IAQ Home Survey™  it reports the air quality via the total levels of VOCs (TVOC) and MVOCs (TMVOC). Most importantly, the chemical information is translated into categories of potential sources. This allows an action plan for improving air quality to be developed.

In the case of a real estate transaction, it identifies the chemical contamination contributed by the home itself and can save you money and maximize your families overall health. You’ll know if your to be home is really safe.

The IAQ Home Survey™ is a truly cost-effective tool for indoor air quality assessment. It’s particularly useful in real estate transactions. Without the expense of a AIQ hired firm you can easily perform an air audit and negotiate for remediation, before your purchase.


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